March 16, 2018

Foreign firm escapes from Afghanistan with $107 million

By Ghanizada - Thu Sep 11 2014, 8:42 pm

Foreign firm escapes from AfghanistanA foreign construction firm has escaped from Afghanistan with $107 million without completing the construction work of a ring road.

Officials in the Ministry of Public Works of Afghanistan have said the American-Turkish firm was awarded the construction of 237 kilometer ring road from western Herat province to northern Faryab.

Public Works Minister Najeebullah Ozhan quoted by BBC said the officials of ECCI-METAG left Afghanistan during the Eid days without completing the road construction project.

Ozhan further added that the construction firm had taken advance of $107 million which forms 25% of the overall contract value.

He said the firm is not prepared to return the money and is claiming more money from the government of Afghanistan, alleging that no security was provided for the construction works.

According to Ozhang, the government of Afghanistan had assigned 2,000 police force to maintain security for the construction project.

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  1. Another scam!

  2. Some warlord must have been responsible for the security. Many warlords become police chiefs of certain area etc and then misuse their position to grab funds and blackmail people related to a particular project especially when it comes to securing highways.

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