Ministry of Defense stated, in a special defense operation in Ghazni province, the Afghan commando forces captured and destroyed a manufacturing center for making suicide bombing vests, the unit also wrecked a location where foreign Taliban affiliates were kept.

In a released statement on Wednesday, MoD indicated that both of the locations were completely destroyed by the Afghan national defense and security forces.

During the operation 22 Taliban fighters, including Arab, Pakistani, Tajik nationals were also killed among the fighters, the bulletin added.

The statement elaborated that among the 22 killed Taliban were Six Arabs, Two Pakistanis, and Two Tajik nationals.

Three Taliban members, including “Shahbaz Kha” suicide bombing facilitator were also detained in the special operation conducted by the Afghan commandos, among the detainees, MoD said.

MoD’s commando unit also destroyed 16 suicide vests and 16 tons of explosive materials during the operation.

This comes as local authorities in Herat province reported that two soldiers were killed and three others were wounded in a Taliban attack on a government checkpoint in Golran district on Tuesday night.

Following the battle, Taliban fighters fled the area, and according to the witnesses, this clash has lasted overnight.


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