In less than three months, food prices in Afghanistan have soared more than double.

A sack of flour is now priced at 2,800 to 3,000 Afghanis, while previously, it was sold at 1,400 Afghanis, according to a number of Kabul locals.

According to them, food prices have risen as a result of the lack of price regulation in the marketplaces.

People stated that they used to purchase 20 liters of cooking oil at a cost of 2,000 Afghanis, but that now only 10 liters of cooking oil cost 2,200 Afghanis.

Food price, they added, had declined slightly from what it was in the previous six months but, it has soared more than double in recent days.

Sellers, on the other hand, blame the high inflation on rising commodities, explaining that when the Afghani depreciates against the dollar, food prices increase.

The food inflation comes at a time when Afghani has devalued against the dollar in the last two days, and one dollar is now worth ninety-one (91) Afghanis.