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Flash Floods Kill 5, Including Child in Afghanistan’s Ghor

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According to the provincial officials in Ghor province, flash floods on Tuesday killed at least four women, one man and a child in Firozkoh city.

Meanwhile, the officials reported that the flash floods had financial losses besides physical to the area’s people.

According to local officials, in a similar incident earlier in May, heavy rains and flash floods killed four people and injured more than 25 others in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

At least four children perished, 25 others were injured, and some 300 residential houses were destroyed due to the flash floods.

Meanwhile, the local people asked aid organizations to assist the affected families during these harsh times. 

According to official reports, at least 29 people were killed across the 31 provinces of the country due to flash floods and earthquakes in April 2023.

29 people have died across 31 provinces of the country, according to Shafiullah Rahimi, a spokeswoman for the State Ministry for Natural Disaster Management. In contrast, over 105 additional people have suffered injuries from the recent earthquake and flash floods from 21 March to 20 April.

Meanwhile, he continued, there were both material and financial losses due to the natural disasters, including the loss of 848 cattle, 155 residential homes, 1,242 partially damaged homes, and 7,106 acres of agricultural land.

Afghanistan is the most vulnerable country to various natural disasters, including flooding, earthquake, avalanches, heavy rains and landslides.





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