According to Taliban officials in Laghman province, in eastern Afghanistan, flash floods in the province have resulted in deaths and financial damages to the inhabitants.

Two people were killed and four injured by the flood on Sunday night, 17th July, according to Khair Mohammad Ghazi, the director of the Taliban’s Disaster Management Authority in Laghman province.

In addition to the lives lost due to the violent and deadly floods in the province of Laghman, the people who live there have also suffered financial loss, especially those who farm because the flood destroyed the crops.

There have been fatal and disastrous floods in several other provinces of Afghanistan over the past week. Data reveals that these floods have claimed the lives of almost 70 people.

Strong and destructive flash floods in Uruzgan, a province in central Afghanistan, left 24 people dead and many others injured, last week.

In the province of Uruzgan, where entire towns were affected, the situation seemed especially dire, trapping residents there or forcing them to navigate through knee-deep water on foot to escape the flooding.

The flooding destroyed more than 300 homes and other structures, along with products valued at millions of Afghanis, leaving the locals with a crippling financial loss.

As earthquakes devastatingly jolted northeastern and southeastern Afghanistan on Monday, famine has struck several regions of Afghanistan, and flooding has left thousands of people homeless and displaced. Afghanistan has become the land of nature’s wrath and natural calamities.


  • Saqalain Eqbal is an Online Editor for Khaama Press. He is a Law graduate from The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF).