NangarharSecurity forces have arrested five suspects in connection to the tragedy that took place in Nangarhar province this week.

Ataullah Khogyani, spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province said on Thursday that the detained suspects have been put behind the bars and further investigation is underway from them to get to the killers.

The tragedy took place in Mirza Qala area of Behsood District where an entire family was shot dead.

Three guests had reportedly visited Yousuf’s house in Mirza Qala area of Behsood District and during the night all eight members of the family were shot dead including a two-month-old child.

Killers then locked the door from outside and fled the area. When neighbors got to know about the incident they informed police about it.

Besides Yousuf, other people killed in the incident were Yousuf’s mother, wife, son and four daughters.

Yousuf who was originally from Paktia province had been living in Nangarhar from the past four years.

It is yet unknown whether Yousuf had enemies or it was a terrorist attack but he had worked at Nangarhar Airport which is the main military base of foreign forces in eastern part of the country.