January 17, 2018

Fitrat accuse government for Kabul Bank collapse

By Sadaf Shinwari - Sun Dec 02 2012, 8:41 am

Former Afghan Central Bank Chief said the main individuals involved behind the collapse of Kabul Bank are still free and have not been questioned by the special tribunal.

Abdul Qadir Fitrat said several innocent individuals who have no connection with the collapse of Kabul Bank have been accused of the bank’s crisis.

Mr. Fitrat also accused Afghan president Hamid Karzai for Kabul Bank crisis and said Karzai is trying to prevent himself and his family members to face enquiry regarding the Kabul Bank collapse.

Kabul Bank is the first private bank which was formed by Sherkhan Fernood and a number of other Afghan businessmen which collapsed nearly two years ago after the shareholders of the bank invested huge money over property in Dubai and the investment of the bank faced a crisis after the value of property dramatically reduced due to global economic recession.

Audit reports suggested a number of the shareholders of the bank including president Karzai and deputy president Marshal Mohammad Qasim’s brothers were accused of the Kabul Bank collapse however Mahmood Karzai and Hassin Fahim denied the reports.

However former Central Bank Chief Abdul Qadir Fitrat said president Karzai’s brother Mahmood Karzai and deputy president’s brother Hassain Fahim had stolen the investment made in Kabul Bank.

He said president Hamid Karzai had personally received $20 million from the deposit of the Afghan people to spend for the presidential election in 2009.

Former Central Bank Chief who is accused of assisting the shareholders of Kabul Bank by Afghan Attorney General following a statement said, “In Afghanistan we have president who is acting over the law who is not prepared to be enquired regarding the monetary crime which has been committed by himself and family members.”

Abdul Qadir Fitrat said president Hamid Karzai is above all the regulations, irresponsible and the judiciary institutions are strictly accepting his orders.

He also said that the Kabul Bank trial should independently and publicly organized in the presence of prominent individuals. He urged International Monetary Fund, World Bank and a number of other international organizations to monitor the court where Kabul Bank trial is being held.

He said president Karzai is appointing judges and individuals according to his well and has forgiven the real accused individuals over Kabul Bank collapse.

Mr. Fitrat also said two Russian nationals along with a citizen of Uzbekistan were introduced to Afghan Attorney General who were members of the Mafia in connection to the Kabul Bank collapse but he said that the individuals were released without facing any court hearing.

He accused Mr. Aloko and Azizullah Lodeen in connection to the freedom of the two Russian and Uzbekistan citizens.

He said that a letter was sent to chief of justice and Afghan president Hamid Karzai in order to enquire Afghanistan Development Bank criminals but he said that no practical actions were taken in this regard.

Mr. Fitrat said he resigned from Afghanistan Central Bank due to possible life threats.

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