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First US airstrike hits ISIS-K fighter after Taliban takeover

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US has conducted an airstrike in eastern Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province targeting an affiliate of ISIS-K and one of the masterminds of Thursday twin blasts at Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Fox News has found that the slain planned to carry out such attacks in the future.

The US media outlet has also cited the US central command spokesperson saying that the target has been eliminated but there is no report of civilian casualties.

“US military forces carried out an over-the-horizon counterterrorism operation against an ISIS-K planner in Nangarhar province. Initial indications are that we killed the target.” US central command spokesperson Bill Urban.

Local people in Jalalabad city said that the strike was carried out in Police District 7 of the city Saturday midnight.

Earlier, CENTCOM commander General Frank McKenzie had said that they were expecting other attacks and explosions at the airport and had asked the Taliban fighters to intensify their security level as the fighter man the security out of HKIA.

US embassy based in HKIA reiterated to people not to come to the airport and asked them to stay away as they are expecting an attack in Kabul.

As per the latest information, the US evacuation mission was not interrupted and the total number of evacuees now amounts to 111 thousand people.

The country has said that they will continue evacuating people until the last minute in Kabul.

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  1. Is there a revival of Jehad across the globe ? Or is it Islamism ?

    Houthis used a Missile,to attack a Saudi base,in Yemen today – just after a misifired rocket in Kabul today !

    If the US does NOT recognise Taliban and aid them with food,funds and intel,Taliban will have no option but to let loose Daesh and others,in a few provinces.In essence,if the US and IMF do NOT release the funds of the Afghan state,FROZEN by the WEST,then doom is certain.dindooohindoo

    It will NOT take much for the exodus of Muslims in EU and US to Afghanistan to join Daesh and others.

    In any case,the Leon Uris Exodus from Kabul,has brought Daesh to EU and the US.

    So long as Logar and other provinces with the mines are with Taliban – Taliban will not mind leaving Daesh alone, if they are confined to 1 province,using dry land farming,solar power and drip irrigation,for poppy farming – with the caveat that Daesh does NO attacks,after 1st September 2021.

    Post 1st September,Taliban will start the REAL WAR in Panjshir and the TESTING WAR on ISIS.The Panjshir war will BURY THE INDIAN WEASELS AND RATS – of they do not aid Masood’s son and Saleh.I bet that the Indian weasels will NOT fund or arm the Panjshir.

    Neither will the US,as there will be 1000s of US hostages in Kabul – post 31st August,2021.If the US does not release Afghan funds and unblock Afghan banks – then Taliban MAY NOT, also secure the Americans left behind in Kabul.

    The Testing war with Daesh, is to test the western response in terms of rewards to the Taliban,Even when NATO was IN AFGHANISTAN,Taliban had spectacular successes w.r.t. Daesh.Now with no enemies left,Taliban can POTENTIALLY drive out Daesh – BUT ONLY if Taliban gets some benefits !

    People write off Daesh too easily.The US had int on 9/11,Kabul airport but COULD NOT STOP IT.In 24 hours of the Kabul attack,the US drones killed the 2 planners – w/o Taliban int and w/o tipping off the Taliban.Such genius, coincidence and providence – just like the fables of the Bible.THE 2 PLANNERS WERE TRAVELLING IN A 3 WHEELED CONTRAPTION IN NANGHAR.- AND THE STORY GETS MORE WONDERFUL ! The Daesh attack ALLOWED THE USAF to drone a target in a soverign nation with a new govtt ! A US message that once they exit, they will do MORE.Of Course,I am NOT saying that the Kabul bombing was a false flag,to message Taliban,that they were vulnerable EVEN IN KABUL,and EVEN WHEN THE US WAS AT ITS MOST VULNERABLE.The Crux is that the US is playing POKER,till the 31st August,2021.

    Americans have spent 20 years in Afghanistan.They will have assets and HUMINT,in every 1 square mile of Afghanistan – which they will use to prime effect,once they exit and CERTAINLY,after all US citizens are out of Kabul. –
    In essence,Anti-Taliban forces,will use Daesh and Fund Daesh – like in Syria and Iraq- where besides Mossad – even the Indians supplied arms,medicines and doctors for ISIS ! There are many nations and kings ,by the Taliban.Even the Americans are capable of using Daesh or false flagging them – especially as their int,on Daesh attacks,is so exquisite.


    ELSE,Taliban will need to bring in PLA,on the pretext of securing the mining concessions,and ore concentrate transportation.There will be a perpetual risk to Taliban,of financial freezes and sanctions. Hence,the time has come for Afghanistan,to adopt the Yuan and take Chinese aid.If every poor Afghan has free food,quality water,free education,free power and some economic employment – Taliban will win the elections – and that is the 1st step to get back the Billions of USD frozen,by the US/EU and Aid institutions.PLA is already in one Northern Province bordering PRC (Badkashan).

    Then the next step is PLA ADS,to stop US drone strikes.



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