The first skiing championship was held in the central mountainous regions of Bamiyan province and was attended by a number local and foreign ski athletes.

Amir Foladi programs coordinator at the Aga Khan Foundation in Bamiyan proivnce said, at least 10 foreign ski players and 20 local ski players have participated in the championship.

The foreigner ski players include athletes from United Kingdom, United States, Swiss and India.

According to local governmental officials in Bamiyan province, the main motive of the championship which was held at “Kohi Baba” was to attract tourists in this province.

A similar championship was organized last year in this province but was attended by local ski players only.

This is the first time foreign ski players are taking part in Skiing championships at Bamiyan province.

Another championship is due to be organized on 8th March to celeberate the Women’s day and will be attended by women ski players.

Bamiyan province is one of the well known and historical provinces of Afghanistan where two major Buddas were located, which were destroyed by the Taliban militants in 2001.

Thousands of caves which were built by Budhist hundred years before Islam are located in the mountains of Bamiya province besides the old and historical cities of Ghol Ghola and Zahak.

Qala-e-Char Borj at Yakawlang in the western parts of Bamiyan city and a number of other historical places are considered to be more attracting to foreign tourists in this province.


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