December 17, 2017

First female district chief starts work in northern Afghanistan

By Mirwais Adeel - Tue Jan 22 2013, 9:03 pm

Afghan Female District ChiefThe first female district governor started work in Afghanistan. Saira Shekib was elected as Khwaja Do-Koh district chief after she participated in elections at Northern Jowzjan province of Afghanistan.

Saira is going to perform her duties in birth place of former Afghan warlord and chief of the Junbesh-e-Millie party, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum.

The area is reportedly having full access to electricity and natural gas which was provided to the local residents while it was under the control of Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum.

Saira Shekib was formally introduced as the first female district chief for Khawajah Do-Koh by the local government on Tuesday and was welcomed by majority of the local residents.

She was introduced by head of the provincial governor’s office, Mariam Ayoubi.

Newly elected Khawajah Do-Koh district chief Saira Shekib called on the local residents to assist her so that she can provide better services.

Saira Shekib’s election as district chief is rare in Afghanistan as normally men were elected to perform duties of district chief.

This comes as Habiba Surabi was elected as the first female provincial govenor for central Bamiyan province of Afghanistan and she remains governor of Bamiyan province.

Various employment opportunities for the women both in government and non-government organizations have been provided during the past ten years and after the fall of the Taliban regime.

The first female district mayor Uzra Jafari was elected for Neli city of central Daikundi province in 2008 by the government of Afghanistan.

In the meantime Afghan laws allow women to actively participate in political, social and administrative affairs and the law also insists that 25% of the lawmakers should be women.

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