December 16, 2017

First ever cargo train from China arrives in Hairatan port of Afghanistan

By Khaama Press - Wed Sep 07 2016, 2:27 pm

China cargo train arrives in AfghanistanThe first ever cargo train from China arrived in the main Hairtan port located in North of Afghanistan on Wednesday, boosting hopes among the Afghan officials to find access to alternative routes for transit.

The train carrying loads of consignments arrived in Hairatan carrying a sign (Central Asia Trains).

The cargo train apparently left Nantong in China and travelled several days to reach to its final destination in the strategic Hairatan port of Afghanistan.

“First ever Cargo Train from #China arrived in Hairatan Port of #Afghanistan today. Gawadar port of #Pakistan won’t longer be our only option,” Javid Faisal, spokesman for Chief Executive Officer’s Office said.

Hairatan port is a small city located to the border between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, according to the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan.

This city is located in the north of Balkh province and is one of the necessary business ports of Afghanistan. Border line between these two countries is Ammo River.

In the year of 1982 bridge of Dosti (Friendship) between mentioned countries was built by the USSR Soviet that links Afghanistan with the Middle East countries china and Russia.

Hairatan route was the safest business way in Afghanistan during 33 years of war.

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  1. Good for new business. Problem is the corrupt Afghan government and its corrupt counter partner Chinese neighbor. Nothing good news here but exchanges of terrorism only.

    1. Ah son, certainly a step in the right direction. A slight headace for Pakistan though. “Iron brother “is doing buissness everywhere and India too. Iran is becoming a strong player while Pakistan is more and more in a dead end alley.

    2. Only good news here, Pak. “Iron brother” will open tradelines everywhere. India – Iran – China will be fantastic help for Afghanistan. Pakistan is walking into a dead end alley together with the paymaster Saudi Arabia.

  2. All very good news.

  3. Good for Afghanistan and even better for Pakistan.

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