Tuesday, July 23, 2024

First Afghan woman nominated for membership of High Council of Supreme Court

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Judge Aisa RasoolyPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has for the first time nominated a woman lawyer to become a member of the High Council of the Supreme Court of Afghanistan.

Anisa Rasooly is the first female judge who has been nominated to become a member of the High Council of the Supreme Court.

President Ghani had promised to appoint a female judge in the Supreme Court of Afghanistan during presidential campaign for the second round of election last year.

Ghani said he has spoken with the religious scholars and the appointment of a female judge in Supreme Court does not have any legal or religious issue.

He said the women have been deprived of their rights all these years and insisted to give them their rights.
Ghani said, “Our pledge is that we will have a woman Chief Justice in our government.”

He also added, “Women have a v important role to play in our society & govt. They will have full participation in our govt and protection in society.”

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