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Fireworks shines Kabul’s sky ahead of Afghanistan’s 96th independence day

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Kabul fireworks

Kabul’s sky shined with fireworks tonight as the Afghan people are celebrating the 96th independence day of Afghanistan on Wednesday with happiness and joy all over.

The fireworks was displayed on the hilltop in Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan area of the city around 8:00 pm local time.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) issued a statement ahead of the fireworks display stating that the fireworks has been organized to celebrate the 96th independence day of the country.

The statement further added that the ministry urges the residents of the city not worry while hearing the sound of blasts of the fireworks.

MoI also announced earlier today that tight security measurements have been taken for celebrating the Independence Day in capital Kabul.

General Abdul Rahman, commander of the garrison responsible for the security of the city said in a press conference that a commission was formed for this purpose that has well prepared its programs and plans.

He assured citizens that there is no security vacuum saying that additional security forces have been deployed across the city.

General Abdul Rahman further added that there is good cooperation among all of the security organs but Kabul residents need to assist in case of seeing anything suspicious.

Afghanistan is celebrating its 96th Independence Day on Tuesday which is equivalent to 19th of August, when Afghanistan achieved full independence from the reigns of British Empire in 1919.

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