Dozens of the United States warplanes were deployed to Afghanistan for protecting the withdrawing US and coalition personnel as the Taliban continuously mount heavy battle pressures on the Afghan National Defense and Security forces.

Mark Milley, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff said that f-18 warplanes were added to the previously announced deployment of air and sea military power including six Air Force B-52 bombers.

Military Times reported that along with the announced infantry package of several hundred Army Rangers and aircraft carriers, f-18 jets were also deployed to provide cover.

Taliban conducted sustained levels of the violent attack on Afghan security forces, Milley speaking alongside Defense Secretary Lloyd at a Pentagon press conference.

He added, that ANDSF remains cohesive despite doubts over Afghan government’s ability to hold off Taliban.

“They’re fighting for their own country now, so it’s not a foregone conclusion, in my professional military estimate, that the Taliban automatically win and Kabul falls, or any of those kinds of dire predictions”, Milley added, “that’s not a foregone conclusion. There’s a significant military capability in the Afghan government. We have to see how this plays out”.

According to Military Times, Pentagon is considering options to continue supporting the Afghan forces after the withdrawal is complete, including training Afghan forces abroad in addition to asking Congress to approve a $4 billion fiscal budget to fund ANDSF and provide aircraft maintenance support remotely from another country.

“We haven’t figured that out 100% yet,” Milley stressed, the durability of Afghanistan’s air power is in some doubt.

This comes as violence has escalated in Afghanistan, despite peace efforts and the US withdrawal process, the Taliban violence left many in ambition to leave their homes and the county.