Mullah Akhtar Mansoor is deadThe Taliban supreme leader Mullah Akhtar Mansoor visited Iran to discuss with the country’s authorities regarding the growing issue of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group in Afghanistan.

According to the local media reports in Iran, Mansoor spent around 2 months in Iran and reached to an agreement on a number of issues of bilateral interest with the Iranian authorities.

One of the agreements Mansoor reached with Iran was to help counter the issue of dissident Taliban groups joining ISIS ranks in Afghanistan.

Mansoor had also agreed with the Iranian authorities to prevent the expansion of ISIS loyalists in northern bordering regions of the country and Afghanistan-Tajikistan border.

The report also adds that Mansoor had reached to an agreement regarding the smuggling of opium and illicit drugs.

According to the report, accurate information regarding the movement of Mullah Mansoor was provided to the US forces as he was targeted while he was on his way in Balochistan province of Pakistan.

Mullah Mansoor was killed in an airstrike on 21st May as he was travelling in a vehicle with a Pakistani passport.

The report by the Iranian local newspaper meanwhile adds that Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence could have disclosed information regarding Mansoor to US forces, noting his deteriorating relations with Pakistan.

The growing threats posed by the loyalists of ISIS terror group in Afghanistan have not been a source of tension to the Afghan authorities but Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, including Iran and Central Asian countries are worried that the terror group further expand foothold in the region.

Attempts by ISIS terrorist group to expand foothold in Afghanistan and in the region has also sparked concerns among the Taliban leadership as the two groups have entered into bloody clashes for several times in some parts of the country.

The supporters of the two groups also declared Jihad against each other earlier last year.


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