FIFA vice-president congratulate AfghanistanThe vice-president of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the Prince of Jordan, Ali Bin Hussein, congratulated the Afghanistan national football team for their tough and awe-inspiring victory in South Asian Football Federation’s (SAFF) Championship.

Ali Bin Hussein, who couldn’t hide his glee at the sight of the Afghans lifting the trophy said, “Heartfelt congratulations to my friends and colleagues in Afghanistan on winning the South Asian Football Federation’s Championship and scoring their first international football title.”

Hussein quoted by Goal Nepal magazine said, “The progress of Afghan football is an inspiration to us all.”

The Afghan team bested India 2-0 to win its first international competition on Wednesday, the South Asian Football Federation Championship, which sparked a countrywide celebrations, with Afghan players dancing on the pitch with the Afghan flag draped over their shoulders.

Restaurants around the country were packed with fans following the game on TV, as celebratory gunfire was heard in Kabul after the victory.

President Hamid Karzai also watched the Afghan National Football Team playing at SAFF championship and shared their joy of victory with the Afghan nation.

He also visited Kabul International Airport along with several high level government officials and parliament members to welcome the Afghan national football team, who arrived in the country around this morning.