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Female students in Badakhshan could not attend university entrance test due to Taliban threats

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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According to reports from the Northern Badakhshan province, dozens of female students in this province were not given permission by the Taliban to attend the university entrance test.

Local officials in Badakshan said that around 180 girls who have been graduated from school and intended to travel to another district for the university entrance test, the Taliban who controls the route did not permit them to join the exam.

Kambiz Qurbani, governor of Darwaz district appeared in a gathering where hundreds of female students and the elders from Maimai area of Darwaz came together to raise their voice against the Taliban not permitting girls to attend university entrance test.

“Due to Taliban threats and insecurity in the way to Shukai passing from Nusai where is controlled by the Taliban, dozens of female students are going to be deprived from higher education,” Kambiz Qurbani said.

“We request from the central government and President Ashraf Ghani to pay attention either in establishing an examination center in the Maimai area of Darwaz or to facilitate some helicopters for the female students to be transported from Maimai to Shukai for the entrance test,” Kambiz added.

This comes as the Taliban and an Afghan delegation are expected to meet soon in Doha to negotiate a power-sharing dealing and facilitating a national reconciliation in order to put an end to the prolonged war between the Afghan government and the Taliban group.

During the governance of Taliban, girls were not allowed to work or study outside their homes.

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