A female doctor in Kandahar province claimed that her home was stormed by the Taliban fighters and was beaten along with her family members and a neighbor.

Doctor Fahima Rahmati who is also a civil activist in a video clip said that the Taliban fighters have also taken her mobile phones while their raid on her home on Sunday night, September 11.

Rahmati said that she was neither a former government official nor had a weapon in her home but the Taliban fighters wanted to take with themselves her brothers.

Provincial officials in Kandahar province said that they are not aware of the raid and will investigate the case and bring to justice the culprits.

Fahima Rahmati is a local doctor and is running a charity foundation in Kandhar province and helping poor families.

“Two of my brothers are still missing, I hope the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will hear my voice, my two brothers, my brother-in-law and two brothers-in-law of my sister are still missing, where are they and with whom are they?” says Fahima in a video clip.

This is the first incident that happens in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.