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Female Afghan singer sets concert dress on fire in a bid to calm hardliners


A famous female Afghan singer Aryana Sayed has set on fire a dress which she wore during a concert, sparking furore among certain hardliners.

Aryana was forced to take the step after attracting criticisms online, specifically on social media.

She appeared in a live video on Wednesday and explained regarding her decision to set the dress on fire and later poured fuel on it and torched it as thousands of people were watching the video online.

The step by Aryana was taken despite she had considerable supporters as well who were arguing that choosing to wear any kind of dress is an individual’s decisions.

However, her critics were saying that the singer ignored the traditional and Islamic values by choosing such a dress during a major concert.

The dress used by Aryana during the Paris concert was well covering her whole body but the critics were obviously nervous with the color of the dress which was resembling to body color.

Aryana described the step to torch the dress as symbolic and said the motive as to attract the attention of the Afghan people to some of the critical issues, rather than small issues like her dress worn in a concert.

She said she is ready to set the dress on fire if such a step will help resolve the issues of the people and the country.

The singer emphasized that Afghanistan is currently facing some serious challenges and issues such as violence against women, sexual abuse of boys, forced marriages, and street harassment of women and girls, slamming her critics that they ignore the serious issues to pay attention to her dress.



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