Afghan female artist and actress Sahar Parniyan has shifted her home from western Kabul city to an unknown location after she received death threats from unknown individuals.

Sahar Parniyan used to perform in Afghan drama serials and TV shows with Benafsha who was murdered by unknown men during the Eid days in capital Kabul.

She says she has been threatened by unknown individuals not to appear in TV channels before her colleague Benafsha was assassinated.

In an exclusive interview with DW Sahar Parniyan said she received warnings from unknown individuals following the death of Benafsha and she was scolded and was told that she was next target to be assassinated.

Sahar Parniyan is well known for her roles in famous Afghan Drama Serials “Behsht-e-Khamosh” and Comedy Serial “Wezarat Khana”.

She said that she will not be able to continue to her activities if her security was not guaranteed and that living in Kabul city has become difficult for her following the death of her colleague.

Parniyan said she does know from whom she was receiving warning messages however she plays a secretary role in TV serial “Wezarat Khana” or the Ministry which mostly reflects growing corruption, sabotage and lack of performance of the government organizations.

In the meantime she said it is yet not clear if her role in TV serial has been the main motive behind the death threats by unknown individuals.

She also said that she has not faced any warnings or barriers from the Afghan government while performing in the drama serial but reports suggest that she was earlier warned by Taliban group.