After devastating floods struck Kandahar last week, a local farmer named Abdul Hat went to work two days ago to save his land that was damaged in Daman District, Kandahar. As a local farmer, the livelihood of his family depends on Abdul to cultivate crops to feed his family and sell in the city.

While driving his tractor to drain the soil of what was left of the crops, Abdul struck an IED and was killed from the blast. His family heard the blast and the local Police checkpoint commander and his unit was the first to respond.

“His name was Abdul, and he was driving his tractor to work in the fields and died when he hit an IED,” said Abdul Gran the Daman District police checkpoint commander. “This has happened before where civilians have become victims of IEDs.”

Just last month there were reports of a child killed in Kandahar due to an IED blast. Often civilians are the victims of IEDs that are intended for attacks on ANDSF and coalition forces. This was the case for Abdul who has unintentionally fallen victim to this improvised explosive device. Abdul’s family who had suffered during the floods of Kandahar now face new struggles of how to survive and maintain a living without Abdul.