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US investigating fresh ISIS threat

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ISUnited States is investigating the fresh threat of the Islamic State or ISIS of killing 100 of its soldiers.

An official from the defense department of the United States has told media on the condition of anonymity that they are looking into the threat.

“I can’t confirm the validity of the information, but we are looking into it.”, he has told media.

ISIS recently posted names and addresses of about a hundred United States soldiers online whom they have threaten to kill for taking part in the operations against the insurgent group.

The information was posted on a website linked to ISIS and the group who has posted the information claims to be the Islamic State Hacking Division.

The group says that they have received the information by hacking servers and databases but officials say most of the data was on public domain.

According to the message the group has asked its supporters in the US to take final steps against those on the list.

The United States is leading a coalition against the Islamic State in which there are around 40 countries. The coalition has been conducting air strikes on ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq.

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