A top Afghan Military Commander in the West has said that the ongoing violence and war in Farah province is being administered by the regional intelligence circles.

The Commander of the 207th Zafar Corps of the Afghan Military in the West Gen. Noorullah Qaderi says some major Mafia groups also contribute to the ongoing conflict in this province.

Speaking during a gathering in Farah province, Gen. Qaderi said certain intelligence circles belonging to the neighbors are involved in the ongoing conflict in Farah.

He said the war is being administered by the intelligence circles in Pakistan and Iran.

This comes as the US officials had also said earlier that the role of Iran in the recent Taliban attack on Farah cannot be ruled out.

However, the Iranian as well as Pakistani officials have repeatedly rejected the allegations regarding their involvement in the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

The Taliban group launched a large scale attack on Farah city nearly one and half month ago but the Afghan forces managed to suppress the attack.