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Fans of the Spanish club threw thousands of toys onto the field as a Christmas gift for kids in need


Real Betis supporters made quite a scene at halftime of the club’s match against Real Sociedad.

As the teams left the field, the supporters took their cue, throwing thousands upon thousands of toys and stuffed animals onto the pitch as a part of a charitable effort to help underprivileged children and families around Christmas.

Every time you think it’s over, the toys just keep coming.

There’s also a nice teamwork aspect of the effort as well, as toys from the upper level are tossed down to the lower level before eventually making it to the field.

A great win yesterday, but the most important picture is this one. The fans brought thousands of toys for children in need so everyone gets a present in these special weeks.

Thank you, Béticos! And special thanks to our volunteers! You are the best! Real Betis on twitter.

As a part of a charitable effort, with the help of some 52,158 fans, who were in the stands at the Benito Villamarín during the final game, over 19,000 cuddlies were collected, The Guardian reported.



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