February 08, 2018

Famous Afghan actor Haji Kamran ties knot for the second time

By Mirwais Adeel - Mon Apr 13 2015, 8:45 am

Haji KamranFamous Afghan actor has tied the knot for the second time in the United States of America.

The wedding ceremony was organized in a hotel in Virginia state of the United States, the Voice of America (VOA) reported.

A number of the Afghans based in United States also attended the wedding ceremony. The second wife of Haji Kamran is a Spanish American.

Best known for his comedic roles in film and television, Haji Kamran has been entertaining for the last 35 years, from theaters to motion picture.

He also appeared in his first film made in Hollywood – In the Wrong Hands in 2002.

Haji Kamran became famous in Afghanistan and other parts of the world among the Afghan people with his series Shirin Gul and Sheragha, directed by Latif Ahmadi.

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  1. she doesn’t look to be Spanish!!!

    1. Why she should be Spanish, who said?

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