January 18, 2018

Facebook’s Timeline-application

By wadsam - Mon Feb 20 2012, 2:57 pm

Facebook has recently introduced the Timeline application that has received mixed reactions from its users. The concerns over the application’s invasion of privacy are rising. ESET Middle East, the technology company dedicated to developing high-performing security solutions and detecting malware, has warned of cyber threats that may result from the Timeline application. The new facebook feature allows a growing number of scams and malicious campaigns offering fake applications.

At the moment, the feature is not mandatory. Once the Timeline has been activated, users cannot deactivate it.  However, last month Facebook said it would be making the feature mandatory soon.

ESET Middle East general manager Aji Joseph explained: “The fake pages/ apps urges users to click on ‘Like’ buttons in order to activate a feature that allows them to enable or disable the Timeline whenever they want on their profiles. After the entire process is complete, a message appears saying ‘the Timeline Office will take care of their request’. Likes is the most common activity on Facebook, which could possibly dupe users to malicious scams”.

Joseph advises users to keep their privacy settings updated and avoid adding unknown people as friend. Lax privacy settings can lead to false profiles being created in your name, personal details being invaded and your computer being exposed to malware like viruses and worms.

He also added to avoid links to videos which take you to malicious websites and web pages that give you the option to disable the Timeline. “Be careful about what you ‘Like’ on Facebook”.

 Author: Samadi. Kabul, Afghanistan

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