Explosives laden Tractor has been seized by security forces in southern Kandahar province.

Security Officials from the police headquarters in southern Kandahar province say the vehicle was seized in Regi area of Dand District yesterday which had arrived from Pakistan.

There were 52 different types of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), 20 kilogram of other explosive materials and six bundles of wire that is used in explosions, security officials added.

Although it is not clear yet as who was the possible target of these explosives was but Taliban suicide cell on the other side of the border plans to assassinate Kandahar police chief General Abdul Raziq.

Yesterday NDS said they have arrested a suicide attacker who was assigned by Taliban suicide cell leader Jabbar Agha from the other side of the border to kill General Abdul Raziq.

The picture of the suicide attacker was published by NDS and the suicide attacker was identified as Rahmatullah a resident of Kandahar province who had received terrorist training across the border in Chaman area of Pakistan, bordering Kandahar.

Taliban have tried numerous times to assassinate General Abdul Raziq but he has escaped.

General Abdul Raziq, police chief of southern Kandahar-birth place of Taliban, is one of the commanders of Afghan National Security Forces who supports the “kill terrorist on the spot” idea.

He has repeatedly said that the actual terrorist hideouts and centers are in Pakistan and they should be targeted there.

He has even crossed border into Pakistan to chase terrorists.