Kabul explosionsAn explosion took place in the vicinity of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan area late last night but did not incur any casualties, security officials said.

The blast took place near Wazir Akbar hill after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was detonated and an investigation is underway regarding the incident.

The target of the explosion has not been ascertained so far which comes three days two back to back explosions rocked capital Kabul.

The first blast on Monday took place in the 9th police district of the capital after a suicide bomber targeted a mini bus carrying the Nepalese guards.

At least 14 people mostly Nepalese nations were killed in the attack and around 10 others were wounded.

Another explosion took place hours after the first blast on Monday in Chel Siton area of the city targeting a lawmaker who was injured in the attack.

Both the Taliban group and the loyalists of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group claimed responsibility behind the incident targeting the Nepalese security guards.