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Ex-Afghan MP unveils Chadari design in a bid to raise voice against all forms of discrimination

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The former Afghan lawmaker and women’s rights activists Farkhunda Zahra Naderi unveiled Chadari design in a bid to raise voice against all forms of discrimination.

Ms. Naderi unveiled the Chadari design during an event “Chadari Vs. Lungi” on Thursday.

According to Ms. Naderi, the Chadari design within its creations and artistic work attempt to bring the focus first on the women’s rights as a core notion of “human rights” and” equality” then it draws attention on the types of dressing women use.

Chadari Design:

The Chadari design argues that although clothes/dresses are regarded to be the second skin of human beings, it cannot replace their personal and spiritual honor and dignity. Therefore, we need to value our clothe as part of our identity, but our forms/types of clothe must not dominate our human identities and dignities.

The artistic collection of “Chadari Vs. Lungi” represents the two opposing but related phenomenon of peace and war. In the exhibition, the creator of Chadari designs tried to depict the complex relations between peace and war.

Human beings have defined life and human rights within the context of war and peace throughout history. Humans continuously tried to pursue peace through complicated and simple , rational and irrational, short- or long-term wars. Therefore, war and peace are part of livings and the definition of life, but in both cases, humans want to bring peace.

Although “Chadari Vs. Lungi” worked on the generic and simplification of men’s violence against women but the creator still challenges this simplification in the depth of artistic details, as she believes real life is related to various forms of violence that have a close relationship with Power and those In-Power.

The creator believes that the reason most of the men abuse or commit violence, especially against women, is that men consider themselves physically, materially or by opportunity of males dominated the world, more powerful than women.

However, the truth is that there are also women who once find themselves in power, commit violence against women or men in order to sustain or strengthen their power.

Therefore, this formula of” undefined power” is the cause of a variety of violence in various fields: families, society and politics, not only gender.

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