The former Afghan intelligence chief Asadullah Khalid on Thursday announced the formation of a new political movement in capital Kabul.

Speaking during a gathering of his supporters, Khalid said the new political movement (Omid Sabah) will start activities to support peace, stability, and national unity in Afghanistan.

Khalid further added that the parliamentary and districts councils elections must be organized on time and the elections should be held in a transparent way in a bid to help resolve the existing issues and crisis in the country.

Khalid harshly criticized the government of national unity and its leader and said the security situation of the country has deteriorated sharply since the formation of the government.

He said the deterioration of the security situation has been unprecedented as compared to the past and the government leaders even do not care about the dozens of Afghan soldiers who are losing their lives in the battlefield daily.

In other parts of his speech, Khalid said he has doubts regarding the number of people registered for the upcoming parliamentary and districts councils elections.

Expressing concerns regarding the statistics released by the elections commission, Khalid said the new political movement will have its programs in this regard and the issue will be followed strictly.