Eupol AfghanistanEuropean Union foreign ministers Monday extended the European Police Mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL) until 31 December 2014, the date set for the withdrawal of NATO combat troops in the country.

According to a statement released by EU, a budget of € 108 million was allocated for the operation, from June 1 until the end of 2014, the mission for “create, under Afghan ownership, permanent and efficient police force.”

Eupol is operating under the supervision of Swedish police commissioner Karl Ake Roghi and is based in capital Kabul with 350 Europeans, including many experienced officers and 200 local staff.

It started its operation in Afghanistan in 2007, and is mainly focusing on civilian capacity building and boosting cooperation between Afghan national police with the judiciary systems.

Around 23 European Union countries including Croatia and Canada which are not members of of EU have deployed their citizens to operate in Eupol.

EU foreign ministers gave assurances Monday that the EU “will continue to support Afghanistan’s development in the coming years, including the rule of law.”

In the meantime Afghan officials urged to extend Eupol mission in Afghanistan beyond 2014, considering the capabilities of Afghan national police and increased Taliban attacks.