In an interview with Ariana News, Arnout Pauwels Deputy Head of the European Union called on Ashraf Ghani to make concerted efforts to advance the peace process, and make sure Afghanistan’s interests are put first.

“President on the other hand also has to take into account what is alive in the country, what are the political forces, the political streams. So based on his sound political judgment he has to take the best step forward in the interest of his county and his people. So the voice of the president is extremely important,” Ariana News quoted Pauwels.

Pauwels also stressed on women’s participation in the negotiations will bring peace and stability in Afghanistan.

He also indicated that immediate change of power will never bring stability to Afghanistan, Ariana news quoted Pauwels saying, “We do not advocate any kind of quick change of power, it is not about power it is what you can bring to the country over a long term. So a power grab by one side or the other will not lead to stability”.

The EU Deputy Head also condemned the string of targeted killings and asked the Afghan government to bring the culprits to justice, he said: “the targeted killing is totally against all values I think of humanity. It is an extremely counter-productive move by their side. That should absolutely and totally stop immediately”.

Meanwhile, Human rights watch in the matter of Targeted killings accused the Taliban of being involved in the attacks on journalists, and especially female media workers in Afghanistan, and despite the efforts for peace violence has escalated.

Human Rights Watch claimed that “the Taliban commanders and fighters have engaged in a pattern of threats, intimidation, and violence against members of the media in areas where the Taliban have significant influence, as well as in Kabul.”

According to the watchdog journalism and freedom of media and speech are under the direct threat of extremism.

As the violence gets intensified in Afghanistan, the Acting Defense Minister Gen. Yasin Zia, and the head of the National Directorate of Security, Ahmad Zia Saraj indicated that the Taliban are still being facilitated through Pakistan and the entire world knows of their sanctuaries in Pakistan.

According to Gen.Yasin Zia, In trilateral meetings Taliban elders including Bajwa (Pakistan’s army chief) and Head of ISI have many times said they have ties with the Taliban.

Zia added the Taliban claims to have bases in Afghanistan is because they want to decrease the international pressures on Pakistan.

Taliban militants have always used civilians as human shields for their atrocities, Zia indicated.

Pakistan gives treatment to the wounded Taliban, the country is the main funding source of the group and the militants even have massive operating and training bases, Zia added.

Taliban claims of their camps inside Afghanistan is a deceptive move to mislead the international community and reduce pressure on Pakistan, Saraj explained.

Saraj hinted that the Taliban are planning to reshuffle their bases in the future because Pakistan is being criticized in every meeting because of the presence of the Taliban and their leaders there.

The NDS chief also said that the Taliban are behind the targeted killings in Afghanistan, he added the Afghan government cannot draw lines between the terrorist groups as they appear in many shapes such as Daesh, Taliban, and Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, but the main actor behind them are Taliban.

Saraj concluded that the Taliban does not want peace, they are currently busy harvesting poppies to prepare for battle.