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Emirate To Strenghten Trade Ties With Afghanistan

[1]The chairman of the RAK Civil Aviation Authority, Salem bin Sultan said, The emirate plans to strengthen trade ties with Afghanistan.

Speaking to Afghanistan reconstruction summit yesterday, among 250 ministers and investors from Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US, Sheikh Salim said “ We want to use Ras al Khaimah as a base for the companies who are rebuilding Afghanistan, for their passengers and for the workers who will be serving this mission.”

Pamir Patang, chief of staff of the Afghanistan ministry of commerce and industry said, there were plans to generate a million new industrial jobs in areas that include marble production, carpets, gemstone and jewellery, leather and metal production.

He further added that from saffron to steal, Afghanistan is open to business. While speakers at the summit called on economic investment to provide solutions for basic humanitarian needs.

The airport’s chief executive, Roland Blaney said, RAK is available with the greatest potential to put in place in the needed infrastructure. People can treat this as a medium to long-term posting.”

RAK International Airport plans to increase cargo and charters flights.