Elon Musk has claimed that his humanoid robots could develop unique personalities and even become friends with humans.

The richest person on Earth has revealed plans for his Tesla Bot that could eventually see humans living alongside robots as companions.

The Tesla billionaire and SpaceX CEO revealed more about his plans for the Tesla Bot on a podcast.

He said: “It could develop a personality over time that is unique. It’s not like all the robots are the same.

“That personality could evolve to match the owner, or whatever you want to call it.”

However, Musk explained that he was walking before running when it came to his robots and that he wanted them to do jobs that humans didn’t want to do first.

He said they could be used for “repetitive and boring work” that could lead to injury to people.

He didn’t want to refer to the humans who would be in charge of the robot as the “owner” and said it felt wrong to say so.

This early year, Musk revealed he is working on a Tesla robot that looks like a human – and will perform “boring or dangerous tasks”.

The lifelike droid will be 5ft 8in tall and weigh an amazingly realistic 125lbs.


  • Mehr Ali is a Journalist, photographer, and football player.