Soon, you will be able to witness a Tesla smartphone in the market.

Tesla is just following others in a very exciting and high-profile segment. However, since we are talking about Elon Musk and Tesla, the Tesla smartphone needs to be special and taken seriously.

The long-awaited launch of the Tesla phone rumored to be called the Model Pi / P has been in the news for months.

There is no confirmation about the Tesla smartphone yet, various reports have been circulating on the internet. This is not the first “different” product that Tesla has appeared.

There are other interesting products like cyber-trucks, electric vehicles for children, a Tesla umbrella, and even a stainless steel whistle.

Specific sources have released new features and details that confirm that 2022 may actually see the Tesla Pi smartphone that will work on Mars using Starlink.

The famous Tesla ‘T’ logo is expected to appear in the middle blue stripe. Also, it is expected to feature a triple rear camera setup on the back.

According to rumors, the Tesla smartphone will have a 108MP main camera, a 6.5-inch 4K-level screen, a Snapdragon 898 processor, and 2TB storage. LifeWire reported that the expected price of the Tesla smartphone is between $ 800 and $ 1200.