December 16, 2017

Eight civilians wounded as Pakistani, Indian troops exchange fire on border

By Khaama Press - Sun Oct 25 2015, 12:12 pm

indiaEight civilians have been wounded in an exchange of fire between the border troops of Pakistan and India.

India says Pakistan resorted to unprovoked fire in Samba Sector along the international border in Kashmir targeting 14 security posts last night.

Indian officials say long range mortars were also used in the attacks and some rounds landed in villages leaving two civilians wounded.

One civilian was reportedly killed and six others wounded in Kashmir by fires from Pakistan on Friday.

India’s Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Nirmal Singh said on Saturday that: “Pakistan is time and again trying to push in terrorists and ultimately they cut the fencing to get-in. That fencing was being repaired when the Pakistani rangers opened fire and one person has died in the firing.”
Meanwhile, Pakistan says six civilians were wounded by fire of Indian Border Security Forces but Indian troops say they have only responded to the firing received from across the border.

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  1. جګړه د هیچا په ګټه نده، ښه دا دی چې دوی د جګړې څخه لاس واخلي او یو سوله ییز ژوند خپل کړي.

  2. You are right. War is not the solution. But, Pakistan has attacked on India 4 times, and compelled India to strengthen Arms and Military Arsenal. Indian people always want peace, but Pakistani sends militant to blow Mumbai, Delhi, Pathankot etc. That is the reason Indian forces are compelled to retaliate.

    Nikhil from India

    ته په سمه يې. جنګ د حل لاره نه ده. خو، د پاکستان د هند 4 ځله بريد وکړ، او هند ته اړ وسلې او د پوځي ارسنال پياوړتيا. د هند د خلکو تل سوله غواړي، خو د پاکستان د وسله والو استوي ممبۍ، ډيلي، Pathankot داسې نور همدا علت دی چی هندي ځواکونه مجبور دي چې ورته عمل والوځوي.

  3. India is killer , hindu killing kashmiris to grab their land. Shameless hindu 

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