On Wednesday, the 205th Corps hosted a shura of over 200 district and tribal leaders within Kandahar to include the acting Provincial Governor, Abdul Muneeb, the Provincial Chief of Police, Major General Tadin Khan, and the 205th Corps Commander, Lieutenant General Imam Nazar. There were 18 different speakers to include Masood Akhunzada, the keeper of the Holy Cloak and the Director of Kandahar University, who housed the students who initiated the peace protect in Kandahar just a week ago.

Acting Provincial Governor Muneeb said “We can introduce 1,000 youth recruits to the Corps. Afghan National Army Territorial Force Soldiers can live in their homes with their families while serving. It is all of our responsibility to protect our country.”

“I thank all the district elders for their support. We want to bring peace. We should try to bring peace, whether its the government, we should all hold hands and stand together because the war has been going on a long time and it only harms the Afghans. There is no profit in fighting and it is destroying our country,” he added.

Provincial Chief of Police Tadin Khan said “The youth can defend our country and we need the youth to volunteer to serve for this country. This country needs service and sacrifice and we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our security forces.”

Masood Akhunzada, keeper of the holy cloak said “We know Afghanistan has a lot of enemies, all around Afghanistan there are our enemies. But we need to support our government and our Army. If the tribal leaders work with our security forces, it will bring peace. We are ready to sacrifice for this country.”

Additionally, Uruzgan Province had a similar shura in Tarin Kot, Uruzgan with 50 tribal elders to discuss recruitment efforts of the ANA Territorial Force which will help bring peace to Afghanistan. They stated that there were rumors that Tarin Kot would fall but residents have already stood up to defend their communities, the initiation of the Territorial Force would be beneficial to maintain security across the province.

Uruzgan Provincial Governor Asadullah Saeed said ” The people of Uruzgan are taking a big part in joining and building the ANDSF. We have 4,000 forces in Uruzgan and nearly 80% of them are Uruzgan residents.”

A resident of Uruzgan said “People believe that the government is the right government and everyone has the right to a peaceful environment. We believe that our government is important, governance is important and the constitution is important to all Afghans.”

205th Corps Commander, Lieutenant General Imam Nazar said “We’re defending our country and want to protect the people from suffering. Over the last 24 years we have seen the enemy prove they don’t want peace and stability. Today, the people of Afghanistan would like to have peace. All countries around the world have a consensus to bring peace. The government wants to bring peace but the enemies of Afghanistan are preventing this. They show that they’re not from this country and that’s why they’re not helping bring peace.”


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