December 19, 2018

e-Tazkiras distribution to spark chaos, warns Badakhshan residents

By Khaama Press - Mon May 14 2018, 9:01 pm

The residents of northeastern Badakhshan province have warned tha the distribution of the electronic National Identity Cards/Tazkiras (e-NIC/Tazkiras) will lead the country towards chaos and possible outbreak of another war.

The residents of Badakhshan province issued the warning during a gathering in Faizaabad city of Badakhshan as the controversies surrounding the roll of out of the e-NIC/Tazkiras still remain unresolved.

The gathering was apparently organized by a number of the political elites, including the parliament members representing Badakhshan province in the Lower of the House of the Parliament, Wolesi Jirga.

One of the Parliament Members, Abdul Latif Pedram, warned that the residents of Badakhshan will resist against the decision regarding the roll out of the electronic identity cards.

Speaking during the gathering in Faizadabad, Pedram warned that the residents of the province will decide regarding the options for armed resistance regarding the attempts of the central government to enforce a specific ethnic identity on the other ethnic groups of the country.

Pedram further added that the residents of the province do not support war and violence but will stand against the facist regime and use of force to dictate a specific ethnic identity on the other groups.

he went to say that the approach by the government will force the residents of the province for an independent approach to claim independence as a free and independent Badakshan.

The government has not formally commented in this regard so far but this comes as President Ghani inaugurated the roll out of the electronic identity cards despite some ethnic groups oppose with the word “Afghan” as the national identity mentioned in the identity cards.

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