The Ministry of Defense (MoD) confirmed that Afghan Security Forces retake Dushi District of Baghlan Province.

In order to eliminate security threats and take control of the district, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces launched a clearance operation and recaptured the Dushi district of Baghlan Province, MOD said in a statement.

The statement by MoD added that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces used on-hand facilities to recapture the district and protect civilians and their property.

Dushi district of Baghlan province fell to the Taliban on Monday.

Doshi is a key and strategic territory within Baghlan province that connects nine provinces in the norther and north-east with the capital and central provinces of Afghanistan.

With the withdrawal of US troops, Taliban stepped up their attacks in provinces and captured many districts.

On the other hand, the tribal leaders and the Jihadi commanders have announced to make their reinforcement forces and stand by the Afghan National Army to fight the Taliban.

Some public movements have been created in the northern provinces and they have shown readiness to get to the front line of war along with the Afghan soldiers.


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