US drone attack PakistanAccording to reports at least 12 people were killed following missiles attack by US drones in Southern and North Waziristan on Sunday.

The drones reportedly fired missiles at its targets in Babargarh area at the border region between South and North Waziristan tribal regions.

Local sources in the area are saying that the suspected militants hideouts were totally damanged following the attacks.

Sources also added that the hideouts belonged to Imran Punjabi, a militant commander believed to be affiliated with the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), who was the target of the attacks.

Sunday’s strike follows the death of Mullah Nazir, a Waziri militant leader, on Wednesday. Nazir supported attacks on American forces in Afghanistan but had signed two peace deals with the Pakistani army. On Sunday, thousands of his tribesmen protested against his killing.

Many Pakistanis say the drone strikes infringe the country’s sovereignty, and are angry over civilian casualties they cause.

Others say the drones are the only way of killing militants who terrorize the local population in areas the Pakistani army is unwilling to patrol.