Dr. GhaniPresidential candidate Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadai’s observers were pulled from election audit on United Nation’s request.

Officials in Dr. Ghani’s camp have said the request by UN was made on Wednesday after Dr. Abdullah’s camp warned to withdraw from the audit process.

The officials further added that over all responsibility was transferred to UN mision in Afghanistan after the election observers were withdrawn from the process.

The election audit remained suspended on Wednesday due to the absence of Dr. Abdullah’s observer in the premises of election commission.

Abdullah’s chief observer, Fazal Ahmad Mawani, warned on Tuesday that they boycott the vote audit process, claiming that the audit process was not transparent and influenced by politics.

Manawi told reporters on Tuesday that their camp has set new conditions for the audit and invalidation process, and insisted that their demands must be met by Wednesday morning.

An election commission official confirmed that negotiations were process between between representatives of Dr. Abdullah and Independent Election Commission and UN mission in Afghanistan. However, no further details have been disclosed regarding the talks so far.