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Dr. Ghani appoints Hanif Atmar as national security adviser

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Hanif AtmarAccording to reports, the former interior minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar has been appointed as the national security adviser by President Ghani.

Atmar served as interior minister until 2010 and stepped down from his position along with the former intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh following an attack by Taliban militants on peace jirga.

Around 1,600 national leaders had participated in the jirga when it came under the Taliban attack.

There are also reports that Dr. Ghani has appointed Salam Rahimi as chief of staff of the presidential office.

Dr. Ghani took oath of the office during the presidential inauguration on Monday which marked the first peaceful transfer of power in the history of Afghanistan.

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  1. Ghani should be mentioned or addressed as Ashraf Ghani or Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai just like Hamid Karzai. A lot of world legitimate leaders who won their election fair and square have PhD’s even multiple PhD in very difficult area of science like Angela Markel the Chancellor of Germany. Her PhD is in Quantum Chemistry and she has never been called German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Markel. And so are other leaders who did not win election by stuffing sheep with fraudulent ballots. He should be addressed or mentioned as Haji Ghani or Haji Ghani Ahmadzai.

    • The 100 percent audit clearly showed the lies about fraud. Instead of gracefully accepting the defeat, they want to have a share in the government by hook or by crook. Just greedy for ministries and post and perks. What human dignity can allow them to be sitting on those posts after losing the election. Shameless people, shameless eyes.


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