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Dr. Ashraf Ghani is not the president-elect, Ata Mohd Noor says

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Ata Mohammad NoorAta Mohammad Noor, the governor of northern Balkh province of Afghanistan has said Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai is not the president-elect of Afghanistan.

Noor is an influential political figure and was a close ally of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah during the presidential elections.

He declared Dr. Abdullah as the true winner of the two rounds of presidential elections ahead of the political agreement between the two candidates.

In an exclusive interview with the The Voice of America (VOA) Dari, Noor insisted that Dr. Ashraf Ghani has reached to the presidential position due to a political agreement.

He also challenged that his dismissal as the governor of northern Balkh province is not an easy task and said he was appointed as governor by the support of people and agreement of President Karzai.

Noor said he has not decided yet to remain as part of the new government but emphasized that he is a member of Dr. Abdullah’s team which is having 50 percent of the power share in the national unity government.

He said the formation of unity government was not against the Afghan constitution and hoped that the two leaders can work together.

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  1. This fanatic person should be trailed and Ashraf ghani should do this first, He is warlord person and nothing else what the hell noor is that he is deciding about government , May God on suicide attack happen to you. I really hate you bastard
    We Afghan selected Ashraf Ghani and who the hell are you.
    Boro paa hay karzai maach koo ki tura ba hais waali manda ta hal agar man mebodum guantanamo rawanet mekadum kharkos

    • Who you are? what are talking about about a fraud or real owner. those people should go to the  trail that they made a democratic election procedure go to fraud not  him he is a leader and he is a hero

  2. This guy is a compete joke. He is feeling very weak and insecure and I don’t know why media is giving so much attention and coverage to this guy

  3. I think this guy ,still dreaming and has not come to reality , he does not respect to the million Afghan wishes and decision and they have selected their own president , he has lost clearly his way ,and making stupid comments .
    I strongly request Mr Ashraf Ghani to formerly charge this man or put him to the trail

    • When you are talking about respect of millions Afghans wishes I’m sure you kind feel shame.because you  are talking about a fack and fraud not about the real cannot hidden sun with tow fingers. He was the one who fought against the invaders not Ashraf Gani he has this rights to say about the future of Afghanistan he is a hero regardless of any nationally

  4. I’m a Dari speaking Afghan and I support Mr. Ghani because he is an open minded non religious person.  I hope he has the courage to tell all the uneducated mullahs and fanatic Taliban to go back to the mosque and pray to Allah and ask for forgiveness for slaughtering millions of innocent children women and men over the past four decades.  Mulla like Omar has no clue about governing as he had 4 years to prove.  Except for beheading, cutting arms and torturing he does not know anything else.  Lets hope Dr.Ghani an educated man bring peace and prosperity to this country like Amannulla khan was hoping to do before he was forced into exile by the mullahs.

  5. You dumb pashtoon n taliban-loving Kharrs will be crushed like cockroaches, The pashtoons are kafir slaves of the dirty Quraish Arabs n Pakistanis, clearly the Khorasan Empire will destroy all of you dirty Infidels, The people of Khorasan will not rest until every Taliban n ISI piece of garbage is dead, and Pakhtoonwallee is destroyed, never to be seen on Earth again. Prophet Musa(pbuh) cursed you dirty pashtoons over 3,000 years ago so now it’s the time of your final destruction — you pahstoons are sooo stupid that you think suicide-bombing is totally ok in Islam — YOU’RE DEAD WRONG!! haha so when Ustad Atta’s armies burn your pashtoon caves n dirty homes, the world will be a much better place!! DEATH TO ALL TALIBAN n KAFIR PASHTOONS!! DEATH TO THE ARAB QURAISH!! DEATH TO GHANI/KARZAI Dirty SLAVES of the Money/OIL KHARRSS!! You will all know the power of KHORASAN very soon, you boy-raping and donkey-licking ugly big nosed Kafirrrr Pasthoons/Pakis!!! We will burn the ground you Harramzadas stand upon, that’s how evil n dirty you pashtoons ANimals ARE!!!

    • Hahah, we pashtuns ruled you people, raped your women, took away what garbage culture you had and instilled our culture in you. Did you know that all the culture that is afghanistan weather wearing paran tumabn to scandels, to teaching respect to kids, having nang and namos comes from us. You guys sold your women, you guys were illerite, cultureless rapist, bandit road pirates that sold your kun to us pashtuns loool. 
      One one shares your vision, there is no kharistan empire loool are you still in lala land haha 

  6. Cant wait for dr. Ghani to dismis this goof from his post in which we all know he will. He should be jailed or be put on trial for instigating public unrest. He has no respect for the president nor the  system, or the people of afghanistan. I hope he gets punishment


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