November 21, 2018

Dr. Abdullah is the true winner of presidential elections: Noor

By Khaama Press - Wed Sep 17 2014, 9:00 pm

atta_mohammad_noorAta Mohammad Noor said Wednesday that presidential runner Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is real winner of both rounds of presidential elections.

Noor is an influential political figure being a senior member of Jamiat-e-Islami party and current governor of northern Balkh province of Afghanistan, who has remained a close ally of Dr. Abdullah in presidential elections.

In an online statement, Noor said that Dr. Abdullah deserves to be the president of Afghanistan, insisting that they will defend from the rights of Dr. Abdullah as he is true winner of election.

He warned that Afghanistan is close to witness the so called widespread ‘green and orange’ anti-fraud movements as the rival teams are not prepared to conclude a deal on unity government.

Noor accused the electoral bodies for being involved in massive fraud in favour of Dr. Abdullah’s rival team during the presidential elections.

He said Dr. Abdullah’s rival team is looking to ignore talks on unity government deal and are trying to gain power through fraudulent votes.

This comes as Noor called on his supporters earlier this month to prepare for widespread anti-fraud movements as the Afghan election was once again put at a risk of an impasse after Dr. Abdullah’s camp warned to withdraw from talks and boycott the audit process.

The latest remarks by Noor comes as the two candidates were due to meet today to conclude an agreement on a number of sticky points regarding the formation of a national unity government. However, the negotiations did not take place due to unknown reasons.

Release of final vote results, share of power and authorities of the chief executive are said to be the main reasons prohibiting the conclusion of the controversial electoral process.

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  1. Ok. Now this has all the hallmarks of a bluff beacuse it always come when the presidential candidates meet.

  2. Abdullah is the true winner of the election. He won 45 percent of the votes in the first round while Haji Ghani in spite of every imaginable fraud by his camp got 31 percent of the vote. After the first round several individuals who had won some appreciable percent of the votes in the first round like Zalmai Rasul joined Abdullah’s team. If we add those votes to Abdullah’s sum, it would be moronic to even entertain the idea that Haji Ghani won the election. They knew that there was no way on earth that Ghani could win the election without an industrial scale fraud lot of influential, so an evil triangle was formed by the Ghani’s team, Karzai, and the Karzai appointed IEC. A few examples of those frauds are: sheep-stuffing expert and Hamid ISI Gul’s had-picked emissary and Karzai’s favorite nephew( not through kinship but it is used as a term of affection and love ), the governor of Wardak, Khugiani, and last but not least, Juma Khan Humdard one of the most ignorant, uneducated, mean and fascistic individual.

    1. How about those voices which has been recently proofed as fake and full of falsification. Whenever, the results and outcomes are in your favour there is no problem. Whenever, the results turned in favour of Tahawol and tadawom all is fraud. Even your team doesnt have the tolerance to accept their defeat. The only thing they insist is either they should be announced the winners or they will be announcing their soverign country. All the national and international  communities know your team transgressing from what law says and from what it was expected from your team.

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