Uzbek fightersDozens of families of Uzbek fighters have entered into northern Faryab province and living in parts of this province.

Officials say they have joined hand with Taliban, planting landmines and fighting the government.

 Abdul Jamil Sediqi, Gorvenor of Qaisar Districts shows the number of these families over a 100.

He says some of these families have also settled in Almar District.

He said that the Uzbek fighters are fighting in the lines with Taliban and busy in destructive activities.

Javid Didar, spokesman for the governor of Faryab province also confirms the report.

He says that Uzbek fighters have joined hands with Taliban in Qaisar district and fight the government.

He added that these fighters are expert in making landmines.

Also, last month security forces arrested three female Uzbek fighters in Maimana, provincial capital of Faryab, who were later reportedly released.

Reports indicated that the security forces released the female fighters in exchange for aid workers kidnapped by the insurgents.

Afghanistan in the north is connected to Uzbekistan from where Uzbek fighters cross the border for terrorist activities.

The presence of Uzbek fighters have been reported in some other northern and northeastern provinces.