According to local authorities in easern Ghazni province, at least 20 armed militants surrendered to Afghan government and joined peace process in this province.

Provincial governor Musa Akbarza said, the insurgents group under the leadership of Mullah Khadmul Furqan was plotting and carrying out insrugency activities in Dayak district of eastern Ghazni province.

In the meantime Afghan Intelligence Department, National Directorate for Security on Monday announced the reconciliation of at least 8 armed militant groups across the country.

Afghan Intelligence spokesman Lotfullah Mashal while speaking during a press conference said, around 8 armed militants groups including 93 armed militants joined the peace process.

Mr. Mashal further added, the reconciled militants were actively plotting and carrying insurgency activities in Herat, Badghis, Kandahar and Kunar provinces.

He also said, the militants that joined peace process have vowed to prevent taking part in any insurgency activities.