Alleged extremists in Niger attacked Two villages, killing at least 79 people, Reuters news agency reported.

49 people were killed in Tchombangou, while 30 others were murdered in Zaroumdareye both villages are near the Nigerian western border with Mali.

News of the latest attacks have been confirmed in Niger was confirmed by a French news outlet (RFI).

Reports of several violent incidents emerged in Sahel region of Africa, carried out by different terrorist and militant groups.

Earlier on Saturday France announced that two of their soldiers were killed in Mali, following the attacks an Alqaeda affiliated group said that they were behind the killing of three French troops in separate attacks in the country on Monday.

A coalition of West African and European allies is led by France against Islamist militants in West African regions, but countries like Mali and Niger still are affected by ethnic violence, drug trafficking, banditry, extremism, and human trafficking.

Alkache Alhada, Interior Minister said that soldiers were sent to the region for protecting the people.

Alhada said soldiers had been sent to protect the area, BBC reported.

Tilaberi region is reported to be under a state of emergency since 2017, and consistent attacks from Jihadist groups are common across Niger, Last month Boko Haram a militant group pledged with Daesh has killed 27 people in the southeast Diffa region.

The recent attack occurred amid presidential elections in Niger as Mahamadou Issoufou stepped down after five years as the president.