Dostum criticize Ashraf GhaniThe First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum harshly criticized President Ghani during a gathering in Kabul following a deadlock in the Government of National Unity by CEO Abdullah’s remarks.

According to a video released online by Enayatullah Babar Farahmand, the Chief of Staff of the Office of the First Vice President, Gen. Dostum is seen as accusing President Ghani of allocating his authorities to himself.

Gen. Dostum further adds that President Ghani is not supporting him and has not trust to his works.

The First Vice President told his supporters that a clear and transparent decision is better than the ongoing game as he informed regarding the formation of a congress within the next 40 days.

He said he has several other things to say but did not elaborate further regarding his claims.

The latest remarks by Gen. Dostum came as CEO Abdullah earlier criticized President Ghani in almost a similar manner and said he is unfit for the office.

Abdullah made the remarks, calling President Ghani as unfit for the office, during a gathering in Kabul earlier this month as he was addressing a group of young people in his office garden.

The Chief Executive said he had struggled to achieve much progress with President Ghani during the two years of their government on the issue of electoral reform.

He said President Ghani is not having time for him even in months so that he can have one-on-one meeting with him.
Abdullah insisted that “if someone does not have the patience for discussion, then they are not fit for the presidency, either.”

The Presidential Palace issued a statement and expressed regrets regarding Abdullah’s remarks, saying such remarks are not in line with the standards and spirit of governance, insisting that principles and legal criteria forms the basis of governance based on which the executive steps are taken.


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