As the international community and the Afghan government strictly pursues the case against the first vice president regarding the alleged sexual abuse of Ahmad Khan Ishchi, sources close to General Abdul Rashid Dostum have said the first vice president and his associates will never appear before the court.

A spokesman for Junbish Millie party Bashir Ahmad Tayanj accused certain circles within the current regime of lobbying conspiracies to defame the first vice president within the government and the newly formed political front.

He said the circles are providing advises to the international allies of Afghanistan which are not accurate in a bid to defame the first vice president.

He said the first vice president and his associates will never appear before the court, insisting that the case is politically being pursued.

This comes as Dostum is in Turkey for the treatment with President Ghani earlier saying that the first vice president has left the country after receiving approval and permission from the Attorney General Office.

However, the Attorney General Office said Wednesday that the case of the first vice president has been referred to the court.

The US embassy Charge d’Affaires had earlier called for thorough investigation in the torture and sexual abuse case of Ahmad Khan Ishchi involving the first vice president General Abdul Rashid Dostum.

He said Tuesday that the allegations against the Vice President, including charges of rape and assault, are extremely serious and warrant close legal review by the Attorney General and other judicial authorities of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

However, the office of the first president in reaction to the remarks of President Ghani and US Special Charge d’Affaires, said Attorney General Office is not having such an authority to grant permission the vice president to travel abroad and called on the US officials to respect independency of Afghanistan and bilateral relations between the two countries, insisting that the legal and judicial system of the country has a clear definition and approach regarding such cases.