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We are fundraising for the survival of Khaama Press, a prominent news agency for Afghanistan which is now on the verge of a financial collapse due to the economic downturn and unstable political circumstances in Afghanistan. It has served as a leading news source for Afghanistan since 2010.

The empowerment of the media industry in Afghanistan is one of the greatest achievements of its twenty years of democracy, due in large part to contributions from many democratic nations.

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We are calling on everybody who cares about the FREE PRESS to contribute what they can and share this campaign further with family and friends to help us prevent the loss of an independent and reliable news source for Afghanistan.

If everyone reading this message donates a suggested $10 or more, we could keep Khaama Press thriving indefinitely. The price of a one-time fast food meal is all we need. I hope you will consider supporting Khaama Press today.

All funding raised will be for salaries, office rent, and day-to-day operations of Khaama Press. It will be spent with full transparency and integrity.

Thank you.

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